When I graduated from Southwestern Law School in 2013, like the vast majority of my classmates, I could have settled for a cushy, full-time position at a mid-size law firm in Los Angeles.  Instead, I followed his passion and decided to defend individuals who were being trampled and taken advantage of by those with the most power and resources.  I am the voice for the voiceless.  I never give in.  And I never give up until you have your dignity and rights back.

My specialization is in a very narrow area of law which is called Landlord/Tenant law.  This is actually a very highly specialized area of law that is vastly different from all others.  I only represent tenants.  I handle almost any possible situation you could think of that could arise during the rental of a house or apartment.  I also specialize in dealing with the rent control laws of West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.  Relocation money comes into play if you are facing an eviction or a cash for keys buyout offer from your landlord.  Don't accept their first deal.  Contact me first to obtain that which you may be legally entitled to.  Often times, a letter from my law office with put a stop to the harassment you face or could very well make a landlord think twice before they actually try to evict you.  There are certain steps the landlord has to take before they can evict you.  If they mess up on only one step, you have a victory.  But I have to portray their mistakes properly to get their attention so the landlord knows that we know that they committed the fatal error which will cause them to lose their case. 

I am an experienced trial attorney and have conducted several trials in these cases.  I fight hard and I fight till the end.  I take pride in being real and not cheesy like so many attorneys in this town.  I don't blast cheesy advertisements in the press and in magazines and I don't make exaggerated claims.  I try to be myself and stick to the facts and the judge's and opposing counsel appreciate that.

I don't have a great story about why I became a landlord tenant lawyer.  Some lawyers have great stories.  The reason why I chose to do landlord-tenant law was because it's the area of the that I know the best, and I am very fascinated by the complexity of the laws and find them to be very interesting to read, especially with the rent control laws being different in every city. 

I think you will be pleased that when you call I actually answer my phone and try to get you the assistance that you need and if I can't help you I direct you to a resource that may.