“Initial offer of 54 Months State Prison reduced to "Time Served" (i.e. 4 months) and 20 Days Community Service”

In People v. S.O., the defendant, who for the past 25 years had worked tirelessly as a plumber, was charged by prosecutors with felony grand theft of copper wire from the Los Angeles County Sanitation District.  Before Mr. Babcock was retained, prosecutors offered the client 54 months in state prison (because of his prior violent felony conviction stemming from 1994), and his maximum exposure if he proceeded to trial and lost was ten years in state prison.  Mr. Babcock persuaded the prosecutor to drop the felony grand theft charge and Babcock obtained a “time-served” sentence for the defendant with 20 days of community service.  Mr. Babcock convinced the Pomona prosecutor to strike the prior strike.

 “Attorney Bartley Babcock Convinces City Prosecutor to Dismiss Excessively High Blood Alcohol Level Enhancement”

In People v. R.R., client was pulled over for DUI as he was pulling into the driveway at his private residence.  Client admits that he was “hammered” and the police video of the incident showed that client miserably failed all field sobriety tests with flying colors.  The blood test taken at the hospital did not help our case as it registered an “excessively high blood alcohol” content at .21.  Before Mr. Babcock was retained, client’s only option was to take a 9 month alcohol program due to the high BAC.  However, Mr. Babcock came on the case and convinced the city attorney to dismiss the BAC enhancement (greater than .15) which allowed the client to take a 3 month alcohol class, thereby saving hundreds of dollars and months of wasted time. 

  “Speeding with No Proof of Insurance- Case dismissed”

In People v. M.R., the defendant, who was pulled over for speeding more than 20 miles an hour over the speed limit, in addition to not having proof of insurance for the vehicle, was afraid that he was going to be hit with a ridiculous amount of fines, fees and penalty assessments that traffic courts commonly dole out in Los Angeles County.  By filing various motions and subpoenas for records, Mr. Babcock’s efforts resulted in a dismissal of the case thereby saving client about 1500 dollars in fines and fees.

"Attorney Bartley Babcock gets multiple charges dropped at preliminary hearing in 47-defendant auto theft conspiracy case in Rancho Cucamonga"

In People v. R.M., defendant was charged with multiple counts of grand theft auto, conspiracy to commit grand theft auto, and receiving stolen property.  While cross-examining the police officer on the stand, Attorney Mr. Babcock was able to get officer to admit that prosecutors had no evidence whatsoever that defendant had knowledge that the cars he was driving were stolen nor that defendant had the intent to steal the cars from their rightful owners.  Multiple charges were dropped as a result.

"In a vehicular manslaughter case in Pomona Attorney Bartley Babcock gets client community service"

In People v. B.S., defendant fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into another car killing the driver instantly.  The normal penalty for this crime is four years in jail.  As a result of a fearless investigation and multiple negotiations with the DA, Mr. Babcock was able to get the case reduced to a misdemeanor with no jail time.  Probation, community service and a brief suspension of defendant's driver's license were the only penalties doled out by Prosecutors.

"Attorney Bartley Babcock gets all civil fraud claims and causes of action dismissed with prejudice"

Defending an unlicensed general contractor in a lawsuit where the contractor was accused of building a house without the required license (which is illegal), Mr. Babcock was able to get all the fraud charges dismissed from the complaint as a result of a legal brief he submitted to the court.  At oral argument before the judge, Mr. Babcock prevailed by persuading the judge that the fraud claims were completely frivolous and without any merit whatsoever.  Demurrer sustained without leave to amend.

"Bartley Babcock prevails at the DMV's APS Drunk Driving Hearing.  Client keeps driver's license."

Defense attorneys lose 90% of the time at a DMV Hearing in a drunk driving case.  Mr. Babcock somehow miraculously won at the DMV hearing in a drunk driving case where client crashed into two parked cars causing over $20,000 in damage and made statements admitting to drinking wine "all day" and having just come from the store where she bought more booze.  Client blew a .12 BAC (which is way over the legal limit of .08).  In the end, Babcock prevented the DMV from suspending his license for any period of time.

"In a DUI case where client crashes into 2 parked cars and BAC was .12, Attorney Babcock gets offered a 'Wet Reckless'!"

Sometimes, in LA County, prosecutors offer a 'wet reckless' instead of DUI when the driver's blood alcohol concentration is very close to or under the legal limit of .08.  However, if there was a traffic accident you will almost NEVER get offered a 'wet,' unless you have Mr. Babcock working your case.  Client crashed into 2 parked cars causing $15,000 in damage, multiple witnesses, booze found in the car, client tells police she had been drinking all day, yet Mr. Babcock smooth talked all 3 prosecutors and the judge and presented the client as the 'victim' of a disease for which she had open heart surgery to correct, and was on several heart medications at the time of the accident.  As a result, client did not have to install the 'ignition interlock device' in her car, did not have to do a 3 month alcohol class, and did not have to be on probation for 3 years, and only had to pay HALF the fines and fees commonly applied in a DUI case.

"Bartley Babcock gets client a "wet reckless" (instead of DUI) in a drunk driving case where client runs from the cops and blows a .16, .17 on the chemical breathalyzer test."

Don't ask me how this was pulled off.  Really bad facts for the defense considering client was running away from the cops at the time of the arrest.  The blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit too.  Not a lot of mitigating facts for my client, however, he had no prior arrests whatsoever and there was evidence that the arresting officer had been "sidelined" by a previous employer for abusing his power and using excessive force on citizens. 

"Eviction case dismissed with Prejudice.  Client allowed to stay in home."

Mr. Babcock convinces the landlord that their eviction lawsuit against Mr. Babcock's client gives rise for Mr. Babcock and his client to sue the landlord in civil court for monetary damages for wrongful eviction, violation of the LA Rent Stabilization Ordinance, as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress thus opening the door to get punitive damages.   At trial, landlord begrudgingly dismisses the case WITH prejudice.

"Default judgment against my client "set aside" by the Judge and case dismissed with prejudice"

In another unlawful detainer case where I was representing the Tenant, my client had lost the case by the time he hired me because the landlord entered a "default" judgment against him.  This is happens when landlord's lie and claim they properly served the tenant with a lawsuit when in fact they did not.  In this case, landlord said they personally served my client, however, at an evidentiary hearing in court we put on undisputed facts the proved my client was not even in the state of California at the time the fraudulent service took place.  The default was set aside and landlord agreed to dismiss the case with prejudice as a result of my tenacious negotiations.

"Illegal Eviction case dismissed yet again"

My client, the tenant, lived in an apartment that had a fire.  He was forced to move out while workers fixed the fire damage.  The repairs took over 3 months to complete and my client exercised his right to terminate his 2-year lease.  Landlord accepted this.  6 months after terminating his lease, my client was sued for 'unlawful detainer' by this landlord despite the fact that my client was not in possession of the apartment at the time nor had he been in possession for over 6 months!  Attorney Bartley Babcock made one phone call to landlord's Attorney (D.B.) and the case was dismissed!  Client extremely happy but very outraged at this particular slumlord who had apparently died during the case.

"Attorney Bartley Babcock wins $9,000 for client in small claims appeal against auto body repair shop"

My client was defrauded by a chop shop owner who never properly repaired his car after a car accident.  The parts allegedly used to fix my clients car were either stolen or non-existent.  Client got his car back from the chop shop in much the same condition in which it was after the car accident.  The chop shop owner stole $3,000 of my client's car insurance proceeds without refunding client for services not performed.  We had the car inspected by a licensed professional after my client got the car back and the inspector concluded that the agreed upon repairs were not performed.  We were awarded bad faith damages and attorney's fees.

“Bartley Babcock gets client $30,000 settlement in slip and fall case in Orange County”

Client slipped and fell in an allegedly unguarded, open and obvious, construction hole in a city sidewalk in Orange County.  Client had claimed to have injured his knee and shoulder in the fall but after digging up his medical records from 10 years prior he had actually a well documented history of injuries to the same knee and shoulder he was now complaining about.  Very lucky that the case settled without depositions and written discovery based on a thorough and fearless demand package I sent to the City Attorney.  Client would not have made been a well-spoken or likeable witness at deposition.