A Passion for Defending the Rights of The Accused

When he graduated from Southwestern Law School in 2013, Bartley Babcock, like the vast majority of his classmates, could have settled for a cushy, full-time position at a mid-size law firm in Los Angeles.  Instead, Mr. Babcock followed his passion and decided to defend individuals charged with serious crimes.

Mr. Babcock strongly believes that criminal defendants are often over-charged and under-protected by the very justice system their tax dollars are being used to fund.  The motto “To protect and serve” could not be any further from the truth when taking a step back and objectively assessing the role of the criminal justice system in our society today.  Anyone who has experience dealing with the criminal justice system on an intimate level knows that the imposition of fines, penalties, assesments and fees as a result of pleading guilty to a traffic ticket, a DUI, or any other serious crime for that matter, is simply a greedy cash-grab implemented by out-of-touch politicians and government officials whose main concerns center around obtaining votes and fringe benefits amounting to free lunches and tax payer-funded tropical vacations. 

The criminal justice system in the United States is set up in such a way as to keep defendants in the system for as long as possible in order to keep the system profitable.  Once a defendant is convicted of a crime and is subsequently placed on probation, he is threatened with being sent to jail if he violates any law, no matter how serious.  After a person sustains a criminal conviction, however, it becomes much more difficult for that individual to gain meaningful, legitimate employement, which in turn causes the individual to turn to other less legitimate means of earning a living.  Thus, a vicious cycle of crime results which predictably funds the greedy justice machine.  With the largest percentage of its’ population incarcerated per capita, the United States incarcerates the most amount of its’ people solely to make profits for the privatized prison system.  Without filling our vast number of prisons and jails with warm bodies, the system loses money and inevitably crashes which is why police and prosecutors continue to make arrests and prosecute crime to the maximum extent allowed under the law. 

Bartley Babcock is a fierce advocate of due process and fairness.  For this reason, Mr. Babcock has never been nor will ever be a prosecutor.  Instead of taking any case that comes through the door, Mr. Babcock hand selects the cases he accepts and maintains a manageable case load so that he can give every single one of his clients cases the attention and care that it deserves.  Maintaining a low-volume practice allows him to devote to each client the time necessary to represent the client properly, thoroughly, and aggressively.

Mr. Babcock refuses to turn his practice into a money-making-mill where the attorneys barely know the client’s names much less care about the result obtained in your case.  Mr. Babcock promptly returns phone calls and gets to know his clients on a personal level, and personally appears in court for you, which adds a layer of depth to the presentation of your case before the Judge and prosecutor.   

Attorney Bartley Babcock has all the tools needed to obtain the best result possible in your case.  Mr. Babcock believes that a great criminal defense attorney must be both a fearless litigator and an effective writer.  Combining these skills into one cohesive package, Mr. Babcock delivers all the essential ingredients one could want in a defense attorney.